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BANGKOK 19 May 2019 21:29

Thumbs up for the RTP (regarding treatment of suspects)

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Just thought I would post my observations here in this thread, and give credit where credit is due regarding the treatment of suspects by the RTP (or BIB as they are sometimes called here).  I am just doing a little comparison between the Royal Thai Police and the Indonesian National Police force and do not wish to offend anyone, nor do I mean any disrespect to anyone or any country's social "norms".


As I have spent a lot of time there and do speak Indonesian,  I have seen first hand (also have access to youtube videos in Indonesian which will not show up if searched for them in English) the contrast in treatment of suspects (or prisoners) and policy differences.  I am not saying that one is better than the other as they both have their pros and cons but I do have to give the RTP a pat on the back (and a big wai) for showing such unmatched patience and restraint when dealing with murderers, rapists, robbers, thieves and the like.  


In Indonesia for example, pretty much any suspect of a motorcycle theft, robbery, rape, murder, big time drug dealer or even an attempt at such crimes usually ends up with the suspect getting a serious beating by the police (and public) and about half of the suspects receive a gunshot to one or both legs (prior to reaching the police station).  It is very common to see an arrested suspect on the evening TV news with a fat lip, two black eyes and a blood soaked bandage around one of his calves.  For those of you who have spent much time there you can relate.


Also, if running from the police in Indonesia it is perfectly legal and standard practice that the police shoot the runner (usually in the back) for attempting to flee.  They can even shoot you if you are not a suspect but merely running from them after being told to stop ("why else would he run, he must be guilty of something").  Though not as rampant as it was years ago, it still happens on a daily basis.


The Indonesian Police also take the suspects back to the crime scene to do reenactments (as they do here) and many times (during the reenactment) suspects in Indonesia are fatally shot for "attempting to escape" (sometimes in the forehead too).  I suppose in this manner the criminal element is reduced and it serves as a deterrent to others considering a life of crime.  I do understand that this type of behavior offends many people and is against basic human rights but I remain neutral here for comparison's sake.


Don't get me wrong, I am not putting the Indonesian Police down, they were nothing but kind and courteous to me every time I interacted with them and I have a lot of praise for them myself.  Just making a comparison and giving some respect to the RTP for holding back from letting their emotions take over (dealing with suspects who commit such awful acts of violence and ruin the lives of innocent people here on a near daily basis).


I must also give praise to the RTP when comparing them with the corrupt Police Departments and (above the law type) Police Officers so prevalent in the USA now too.  It seems that police corruption is a serious problem worldwide now but the RTP seem much better at refraining from unnecessary use of force and committing acts of violence against the general public (whether suspected of a crime or not). 


Yes, I have read the recent stories about police officers here shooting their wife's suspected boyfriend and shooting their superiors on occasion and even shooting a motorcyclist because his exhaust pipe was "too loud" etc... but these unfortunate and sad events happen pretty much everywhere around the world now. 


Overall, and as a whole, I think they are to be commended for treating most suspects in a civil matter vs beating, tasing and shooting most of them on a routine basis ... all the while enjoying it (as is done in the good ole USA).



I can't recall seeing an (unarmed) suspect shot or anyone beaten severely by the RTP recently.  Am I living in a closet or am I blind?  Please let me know (in a kind manner without bashing my head in with a brick).  Cheers



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