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BANGKOK 23 May 2019 01:49

Obese US tourist who ‘forced flight attendants to wipe his bum while he moaned with pleasure’ dies in popular Thai resort

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we need bigger bathrooms on airplanes, and bigger seats.


but we also do too much cleaning up, even of dirty butts.


personally, I'd also like to see folks stop cleaning up beaches and other tourist attractions as well as human backsides..... including the Notre Dame tourist attraction when they get that one rebuilt... so that tourists, including myself of course, can have a genuine travel experience by seeing the world 'au naturale'... even when unpleasant. as is.


dirty behinds that need assistance to be wiped in a bathroom too small for largish air travelers... and beach and ocean trash... are actually not what we should be spending so much time on.


have you noticed?  any story involving aviation is always a hot big topic.... unless it is about the stuff we can't see or smell.... yet is a very serious problem. the Paris 2015 "carbon removals".

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I think this topic has run long enough. 


Thanks to Animatic whom cleared it up. ❤️

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