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BANGKOK 24 May 2019 20:05

Pre-paid or post-paid SIM - where are the best deals?

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During the 16 years in Thailand I have had two different mobile numbers, always prepaid. Lost the first one cos was away for almost three years. Guess that could have been prevented if had a monthly charged postpaid. Besides that small advantage, what would be another reason for me to move to post-paid contract? I always compare the deals they offer with my wife's postpaid and it looks like my prepaid gets better deals, especially on weekly/monthly data packages which I don't need continuously but buy as needed. I have come to a conclusion that most people would be better off economically using the pre-paid contracts. I assume a post paid contract would allow international use, at least in SEA but with cost? Receiving sms internationally would help in my banking. Any thoughts?

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You can Roam internationally with Prepaid too. In addition, you can continuously add validity by simply applying a USSD code, here and abroad, with DTAC and Truemove H. So no need to lose the prepaid number in that way again.

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