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BANGKOK 26 May 2019 15:14

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What is the temperature in Ireland at this time.

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2 hours ago, steven100 said:

What is the temperature in Ireland at this time.



2 hours ago, Pravda said:

How did you manage to get the office job?

Online, Skype Interview with a uk company.

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13 hours ago, tabarin said:

Lol that must be an interesting office job.

It is plain simple; do not look for them in the bar life and be really patient as a good one generally won't do such things that fast. 
Be yourself, pretend to live a life on a modest budget and do not make things better than they are, leave any girl who expects or hopes different.

Personally I would also avoid girls that were in a relationship with another foreigner before you, could be a benefit but that would be lucky.

Well it's not central Pattaya. Money is good too in Thai terms.

You meet good ones and bad ones and mental ones like i did lol.

She threatened to kill me after i cancelled her Visa to come to Ireland. I went back over and i am still alive 🙂 She's 

บ้า B̂ā
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On 4/19/2019 at 10:00 PM, RobMuir said:

There are many huge factory areas within a two hour radius of Bangkok and Pattaya.

Samut Prakan, Samut Sakorn, Donhua loh area in Chonburi, Amata city in Rayong all have literally tens of thousands of single girls under thirty.

It is amazing and you will rarely see other farangs. 


They are factory workers but a lot of them are in admin etc. I have even scored a few engineers, senior managers etc over the years. 

It really is like shooting fish in a barrel as soon as you get your game plan sorted. 


It is very possible to have three or four on the go. Many work the night shift, some work weekends and get a weekday off.

Get yourself a “dumb” phone if you want to play the field. A smartphone will bring you undone. This is important.


Also tell them you have contract work which will give you freedom to tell them you are busy and give you an excuse for not answering your dumb phone. Don’t join LINE etc.

I can’t remember exactly how many I have scored in the last nine years this way but it is well over 200.

All the factories have a different uniform. Get to know the uniforms as you won’t remember all of their friends you will meet, and it helps you spot people who might see you and give you up. You have to be aware that you will stand out like dogs balls being the only farang.  Most of the factories are Japanese owned but occasionally you will see a few farangs who work for farang companies.


They mostly go out straight from work in their uniforms and don’t go home to get changed first (too much traffic at peak times in these areas)



This is where you want to hunt. Even girls with real jobs in Pattaya, Phuket etc are generally spoiled and know too much about our bad sides. 


The upside with most of these factory girls is they are living away from their home villages, so away from prying eyes, families and neighbor gossip, so they are a lot easier.


 These factory areas have a great nightlife scene as they are full of young people who work and therefore have money to go out. Many are also quite lonely and bored if they haven’t made work mates yet. A steady stream of newbies arriving daily. Women generally outnumber the men two or three to one in these areas.


If you are in a pub, I suggest not approaching girls with males in the group. I never had much success this way, you end up wasting time speaking to the males and the girls just seem harder when males are around. They are more likely to slut about if in a group of girls.


Many have studied English to a certain degree and will enjoy showing off a bit talking English with you. Probably best to meet them on ThaiFriendly etc until you improve your game strategy.


Dont pressure them for sex on the first night. Don’t even expect to stay with them on the first night. They will end up chasing you this way.

If you end up staying in the same house, but In different rooms, act the gentleman and say goodnight. Then mention that you thought you saw a ghost there previously and it is very likely they will get scared after an hour or two and actually ask if they can sleep next to you.  


Best of luck, if you follow my advice you really won’t believe how much quantity and quality you will get. It is unbelievable.

Don’t do the bar sluts in Tourist areas. 

Great advice. 

Do you have a factory location you prefer over others?

What was the rent cost in these areas, do you remember?

If you have time, can you please PM me, 

as I'm very interested in relocating, 

after a 14 year failed relationship to a Thai lady.

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OP I am sure there are "good" girls in Pattaya, (I have not met many but I am sure they are there lol)

The best advice that I could offer is what has been said.


Take the job if you want. Come here and lead a normal life like you would in Ireland.  Stay away from the tourist areas Once you are working I am sure tht at least ne of the thai ladies in the company will want to introduce you to a friend lOL

enjoy but keep your finances your business and no one else.


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16 hours ago, RobMuir said:

If you end up staying in the same house, but In different rooms, act the gentleman and say goodnight.


i took your advice and did this. subsequently i called her but she didn't want to meet saying she knows i am gay and like to hang out with girls.

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