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BANGKOK 20 June 2019 23:11

US social security annual address confirmation form

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I am a bit curious. At about this time every year or maybe in March I get a form sent to me from the social security office asking me to confirm my address ( and they probably want to know if I am still alive). But this year I have yet to receive the form. I am wondering if others have received the form. If so, could you give me the  form number so I can print one out and send it in. I did a google search but could find the exact form that had been sent to me before. Thanks.

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My guess would be that you should plan for an extra 30 days for the letter due to the 30 day US Government shut down.  In the past you would probably miss the Songkran shutdown but if the letters went out a month late they would hit Thai Post during the long holiday 

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I have gotten mine in June every year. That seems to be the standard month they do them.

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The "are you dead or alive letters" (official name Foreign Enforcement Program) are mailed out in May/Jun.  FEQ below means Foreign Enforcement Questionnaire (i.e, are you dead or alive.  See SSA weblink below for full info.




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