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Relocating to Vietnam ?

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You make eye contact with the m/c drivers and step into the road at a steady pace while maintaining eye contact. Magically they all miss you (cars and busses as well), while in Thailand they woul

With the Thailand visa regulation clampdowns , I decided to go and have a look in Vietnam about a potential relocation .    I went to Danang , there seems to be plentiful of Condos available for

Much of the stuff written here is claptrap and the opinions of holiday blowins. I have lived in Vietnam almost 13 years. Never been hit by a motorbike, I rent a large 4 bedroom, three bathroom villa i

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5 hours ago, Spidey said:

Saigon is a very cosmopolitan city. There you go a photo of a cosmopolitan friend in Saigon.



Her one red big painted  toenail looks very appealing , as my papa always said to me " You can tell what kind of Woman She is , by her big toenail" 

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3 hours ago, smo said:

The hat and pouty lips remind me of Maria Schneider (gone too soon...) in "Last Tango in Paris."  A second career as fashion photographer or a portraiturist awaits (if it wasn't your first already.) Basically the ability to evoke beauty from just a few essentials (white skin, red lips, hat strategically adorned...) Something a man can hang up in his living room and fantasize - without invoking the wife's wrath...



Yes, the Lady in my photo was very adorable and as I was standing across the road , She needed to bend down to adjust her shoes with her legs at 90 degrees akimbo  , revealing her white underwear and her sunglasses attached to her dress pulling it down very much and not leaving much to the imagination , had I been some pervy kind of guy , I would have taken a photo and posted it on here , as I am not a pervy kind of guy and consider myself to be a respectable gentleman , I will not post those photos on here    

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I was in Hanoi last month and found the humidity really stifling. Though it was cooler than Chiang Mai, walking anywhere I would have to wash my clothes when I got back to my hotel.

The ground stayed wet for 2 days even though there was no rain.

Right now in Hanoi the humidity is 99%.

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"With the Thailand visa regulation clampdowns"

  Above is the opening words of the OP...and I ask..."What clampdowns"? Nothing has changed for me, am doing the same thing that I was doing 18 yrs. ago.

  Proof of income method is the only change I read about?

 PS...Appoligies if you are referring to visas of a different nature. I had the "extention of stay" on my mind. I didn't read the full length of the post.

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13 hours ago, Mahseer said:

How about elsewhere in Vietnam? Hoi An down the road from Danang is far more laid back and consider Da Lat which has more of a temperate climate.



Should also consider Vung Tau 90 mins from HCMC on the coast cool breezes good restaurants and good accomodation.

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6 hours ago, sanemax said:

Her one red big painted  toenail looks very appealing , as my papa always said to me " You can tell what kind of Woman She is , by her big toenail" 

She is about as Vietnamese as I am. Illegal Cambodian hooker jumped the border more like it.

Here are two photos of a Vietnamese woman to help you recognise one when you see one. 


y (2).jpg

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