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Jonathan Fairfield

Why the Chinese are infinitely more important than Western tourists to Thailand

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5 minutes ago, Wilsonandson said:

Will this lead to Manadrin becoming the prefered 2nd language in Thailand?

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I believe it's nearly there. The place where I work used to bring in a French language tutor (don't ask why) twice weekly but now she's been replaced by a Chinese woman.

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The smart move is to accept that it will be China's world soon that the rest of us will be living in. And prepare accordingly.
A few phrases like
How are you? Yes, master. No, master. As you desire.
in Mandarin should be good.
But, seriously, I walk by King Power on Soi Rangam, which is Chinese tourists ground 0, every day and some of their women are majorly bangable. Prying them loose from their tour group is another matter but that's where language skills would help.

Subtlety does not seem to be your main attribute but goooaaaahhhh do I agree!!!

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