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Why the Chinese are infinitely more important than Western tourists to Thailand

Jonathan Fairfield

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22 hours ago, Bang Bang said:

The smart move is to accept that it will be China's world soon that the rest of us will be living in. And prepare accordingly.


A few phrases like

How are you? Yes, master. No, master. As you desire.

in Mandarin should be good.


But, seriously, I walk by King Power on Soi Rangam, which is Chinese tourists ground 0, every day and some of their women are majorly bangable. Prying them loose from their tour group is another matter but that's where language skills would help.

My very first thought when I saw the 3 ladies/models above - holy jumping shitballs!!!...😱

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8 minutes ago, Ctkong said:

Well... another self entitled farang. Travel more in the world of Chinese to realize the Chinese tourists you saw in Thailand are the lower tiered social classs in China. The lower class of westerners do not travel much unlike the Chinese. They prefer their comfort zone in their home dwellings. 

You must not have ever lived in Pattaya. 

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As an educated thai, I prefer to have more Asians in Thailand be it Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Malaysians etc. After all we are Asians and we have better cultural values than the Westerners!Yes better cultural value,hit somebody and run away,beat women,kill women because you are jalous,fight 10 again one.,YOU ARE RIGHT,DONT LOOSE FACE

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1 minute ago, pierrenoel said:

As an educated thai, I prefer to have more Asians in Thailand be it Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Malaysians etc. After all we are Asians and we have better cultural values than the Westerners!Yes better cultural value,hit somebody and run away,beat women,kill women because you are jalous,fight 10 again one.,YOU ARE RIGHT,DONT LOOSE FACE

Can you re-write that......I do not understand it...

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7 hours ago, boonrawdcnx said:

Honestly - this article points out everything that is wrong in today’s world where everything and everyone seems to be valued only by the size of their wallet and spending power.

Funny thing is I get the feeling that even if Thailand would receive a 100 million visitors most of the country would still be struggling around the poverty line, struggling to survive while live passes them by.

I have witnessed the changes In the last 30+ years in this country from the wooden immigration desks at Don Muang in 1986 to modern Suvarnabhumi and I must say I am not impressed at all. Somehow this country with all the money it generates seems to stand still or even goes backwards in certain aspects - certainly when it comes to environmental issues - which is one single disaster getting worse every day.

With all the wealth that is supposed to be generated - most people are struggling to make ends meet and the famous Thai smile that was once visible all over the country is long gone - replaced by serious faces haunted by the need to endlessly purchase the crap that advertisements make them believe they need.

While Thailand had some of the best infrastructure compared to other developing countries in the area 30 years ago - it also seems to stand still in this aspect and no high speed train will change that if they can not move forward in 30+ years and cannot even built a proper highway. Drive from let’s say Chiang Mai to Bangkok and you will know what I am talking about because what they call a highway is a country road elsewhere at best.

Public transport is either non existent outside Bangkok or a disaster compared to other countries and has hardly changed in the last 30 years. “Songteows” or sitting in the back of a converted pick-up truck in the sweltering heat seems to be Thailand’s solution for the 20th as well as the 21st century as public transport.

I wonder when this country with all the wealth it supposedly generates will ever join the ranks of developed nations? Decades seem to go by and not much ever happens - from my grandparents to my parents to myself we have witnessed in a relative short period of time the development of most European countries from the ashes of the Second World War to the millennium to become “fully developed nations” who contribute greatly to the international community. Wealth generated was spread - not equally - but produced a strong middle class which ultimately facilitated the development in a very short time period of approx. 30-40 years. Education became the No 1 driver while here it has hardly developed further in the last 30 years and it depends on your families wealth if you can get a good education or not.

Here it seems they have not even managed to facilitate every village with electricity and the same old trains and buses pollute the air like 30 years ago. Uncontrolled development makes the rich richer while destroying the environment.


So I wonder where does all this money generated by ever new record numbers of tourists go?


And why would anybody want to visit a country that does not care about it’s environment, pollution, poverty, is strewn with garbage wherever you go ( my mother pointed that out to me during her last visit) substandard infrastructure and only values you by the amount of money you are able to spend.

Almost every location that has become popular with tourists over the last 40 years has been destroyed by greed and so will the few destinations left untouched so far in the future.

Something has gone terribly wrong in this country, the smile is gone, the fun is gone and still they have not learned here that money alone cannot make you happy and it will still not make you happy even if a 100 million Chinese or whoever visit.

This country does not need another 40 million Chinese visitors it needs to stop and reflect why things have gone so terribly wrong and what can be done to change this.

Or they can go on juggling numbers and let greed destroy the country further - which is I am afraid - the way this country will choose to go until they count no tourists no more.




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i am watching the demise of Chiang Mai.

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To many posts to read them all, so what i say probably said already.  A lot of flawed thinking in the OP's post.


First, yes there are many chinese tourists and they spend more per day. BUT the average western tourist stays 3 times longer, so spends at least twice as much. Expats? Well, compared to the chinese tourist i probably spend 20 times as much because i am here 40 times longer ....


And apart from presents, where do they spend their money? At suvarnabhumi airport last month i went into the ground floor canteen because my daughter wanted some fried rice. It was heaving with Chinese, and the noise was terrible. Fortunately their flight must have been called, because in the space of 5 minutes half the customers left. Very peaceful, and still (some) food left to buy.....


Fortunately not yet found in numbers in Hua Hin where we had been. I do think that many westerners feel the tourist spots are getting overcrowded, destroyed and polluted. Not surprised that western tourism in Thailand is stagnant or falling. Mass tourism comes at a cost.


Glad i live in Isaan, the chinese haven't got here yet...... When they do, maybe i will have enough to retreat back to sleepy Europe. I'm sure that in 20 years the expat and Thai wife will be a rarity.

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13 hours ago, NightSky said:

It won’t end well, here’s why..


the chinese like to own things


the Thai gov don’t like foreigners owning things




May be one fine day the PM of Thailand will be ordered to the "great leader" in Beijing.
The "great leader" may tell the thai PM that chinese citizens would like to have the right to own land in Thailand.

"Sir, this is our country, only Thai citizens may own land, Sir", the PM may answer the "great leader".
No problem for the "great leader", who may issue an order for his citizens not to visit Thailand any more.......
And down go the tourist numbers, as well as the GDP.

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22 hours ago, Sir Dude said:

see who replaces the military fascists that currently hold sway now (once they move on from this moral coil) 

"this mortal coil"? The only moral coils this lot have are the springs in their watches.⌚

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6 hours ago, marcusarelus said:

Thai free education I believe stops at 15 years of age.  Uniforms and supplies are handed down from one child to the next. 


I picked a Thai lady with only one child. And just turned 16.

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On 4/24/2019 at 4:42 PM, seajae said:

looks like this doesnt take in the zero dollar tours, all that money is spent in chinese shops/businesses

that are part of the Thai economy, buy raw materials, have employees, pay taxes, just like any other business in Thailand

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And infinitely more dangerous. The big plus about Western tourists is that they're here to have a good time, their chances of taking over the country are something between 0% and zero. History is repeating itself. Why do you think you can't own land or get citizenship, and it's nothing to do with your status as a Farang.

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