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BANGKOK 27 May 2019 18:12

Chumphon: Plantation owner accused of alleged sex abuse of four children

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8 minutes ago, oldrunner said:

This is just one of thousands of reports of this nature covered up by tons of BAHT. Police pay from top to bottom provides an avenue to protect these perverts. In the USA there may be a potential President who is a pervert running for office, Biden has a long history of molestation of adults and children.

Proof required for that accusation surely, regarding Biden.


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I have no knowledge of USA's potential presidents but I would certainly not make unfounded accusations such as this. I thought the USA was a champion of the 'give us a hug' and being a feely touchy society. Now PC is rampant and greeting people with a peck on the cheek, which I incidentally don't do, to male or female, will be taboo. The French and Latinos will be in for a hard time. As an Englishman, a handshake has always been adequate. I await ridicule with an unabated breath.

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