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BANGKOK 19 May 2019 21:34

Ombudsman to consider call to nullify March-24 election

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Ombudsman to consider call to nullify March-24 election




The Ombudsman’s Office will tomorrow discuss a request by a former party-list candidate of the disbanded Thai Raksa Chart party for the March 24th election to be nullified for breach of the Constitution and the MPs Election Act.


Mr. Raksakecha Chaechai, secretary-general of the Ombudsman’s Office, said today that the ombudsman had scheduled a special meeting tomorrow to discuss the petition which demands that the election be declared null and void, claiming that the calculation of the 150 party-list seats, to be allocated among contesting parties by the Election Commission(EC), is unconstitutional.


If the meeting agrees that Ruangkrai’s request is valid, the case will be referred to the Constitutional Court or the Administrative Court for further consideration.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/ombudsman-to-consider-call-to-nullify-march-24-election/



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This petition will fail for the simple fact the EC (although it is running around like a headless chicken trying to work out how to do its' job), has not actually allocated any seats yet, so any ruling would be presumptive of the EC making the wrong choice. 


Now, there is a completely different argument that says the EC is not competent, but that is a different barrel of fish. 

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