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BANGKOK 19 May 2019 15:19

Big Joke: Was airport "Fast Track" project behind fall of immigration chief?

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1 hour ago, davehowden said:

So was BJ trying to stop it or was he behind it ?




In the middle of last year they said that Surachate called a meeting with airport chiefs and the VFS Global Group after claims that the service was being abused to profit certain people. 



Good question!


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in the cold light of day, after all the media hype and the photo shoots, he did not do a lot realy, just caught some overstayers, and some othe illegals, which even i could have caught, if i had the means, like he had, addresses, 90 days, etc. so he wasnt anything special. liked the spotlight too much, oh, look at me !! and still millions flowing into various immigration centres.

Yeah, just a flash in the pan, a one hit wonder. Big joke, hugh! More like small chuckle.

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