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BANGKOK 22 May 2019 05:33

Avoid scalper vans around bus stations

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A guy in a shuttle van called "pattaya" right at the entrance of the Ekkamai BKK bus station. I thought I'd shaved 30-45 minutes off my trip by finding him. As it turned out I replaced a 2.5 hour bus trip and 30 minute wait, with a 4.5 van trip that made 10+ stops, 3 or 4 of them for 15-30 minutes. Terrible. 


Watch out for those vans. They have all the official markings and are probably legit, as I think they come from the bus station. But they make their money in the middle of the trip, waiting for new passengers.


Busses do drop off people but then keep on going straight to the end. No waiting around for new passengers.

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After all of the reports of vans crashing , lunatic drivers and you still took one?

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