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Perfect Pedigree - buying a dog

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11 hours ago, marcusarelus said:

Black tongue also means good luck for owner.  So my granny says. 

      I just had a glas of red wine...my tongue is black....need to tell my Granny 😉

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13 hours ago, jak2002003 said:

Why anyone would waste so much money of a pedigree dog, especially one here in Thailand, is beyond me.  


Most pedigree dog breeds today are unhealthy, full of genetic diseases and disabilities, which means the owners must spend a fortune of vet bills, operations, etc etc over the years.  Many can't even give birth naturally anymore, some can hardly breath or run, and others have skulls too small for their brain so they are in constant severe pain suffering from fits and seizures and put on medication all their lives (and all this considered acceptable and normal)!!!


I can only assume it's the same mentality as buying a designer handbag, or the current in fashion clothing.  


People are so gullible they don't even know Pedigree dogs these days are nothing like the original way these breeds were 50 or so years back, when they were healthy, bred for a real job which needed them to be fit.  Now they are bred just to meet show standards and make money for breeders, regardless of the dogs health, temperament and quality of life, or the heartache which these people will face buying a sick dog riddled with health problems.


If the OP wants a dog similar to the one he had as a child, then go around the rescue shelters or look for puppies out on the street... I am sure there will be one that has the colouring, size and basic shape of a Dobermann, and which will probably be more healthy and will also FREE and he will be giving a home to a dog that needs one.







yes, would be wonderful if the people think/care for the animals, not only profit

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14 hours ago, marcusarelus said:

I have one.  Rescued from death in a mud puddle when a puppy.  She's a snake pointer and house guard.  Greets me every morning with a smile.  Never has a bad day.  Short hair, healthy and adapted to Thailand. 


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6 hours ago, Swissair said:

I agree, any dog can be the best family member....which dog lover would not treat it right


Unfortunately, some dog lovers tend to spoil their pets and this can lead to problems. That's why I say treat it right 😉😉

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