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Three men shot dead "for revving their bikes"


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Three men shot dead "for revving their bikes"



Picture: Daily News


A shooting at a drinks party in Nakorn Pathom has left three men dead.


The reason is thought to be because of the noise of revving bike engines that caused a disagreement between gangs. 


Pol Capt Natthapan Damnernworakun found a bloody scene outside a rented house, one of 24 terrace properties in Tha Talat. There were 8 9mm shell casings and five bullets at the scene. 


Three men had been taken to hospital. They were named as Anurak Chorawek, 25, Ritthikiat Puman, 25, and Wachara "Wat" Ketbunleu, 34. Wachara was later transferred to Mahachai Hospital.



Picture: Daily News


All three have now succumbed to their injuries after the shooting earlier this morning. 


Phawadee Yongyuth, 26, the owner of the house said that she was with her husband, a neighbor and the three men who died. 


Seven men arrived on three motorcycles and three of these men came up and talked to the three victims. 


Two walked away but one man remained. He suddenly pulled out a gun and started firing at point blank range.


The victims were hit in the body and head by the bullets as everyone at the drinks party dived for cover. 


All the victims were friends of her husband Wuthichai Naree, 30, who had previously had a dispute with another group over noise from bikes. She thought it had been settled.


Police are giving credence to the theory that the shooting was as a result of an argument between rival gangs about the revving of bikes. 


Source: Daily News




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15 minutes ago, webfact said:

Two walked away but one man remained.

The one who remained is clearly an idiot. They obviously knew each other, so the cops are going to know who he is in no time. 

I know revving of bikes, especially ones with no functioning exhaust is horribly annoying, but I can't see it being enough to kill three people and throw away your life?

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