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The limited travel VISA to Myeik Archipelago from Ranong


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Hi All,


I plan to visit Myeik Archipelago. The best way to Myeik Archipelago for me is transferring from Ranong - Kawthaung border.

I have read some articles and i know there is the limited travel VISA for the tourists, 



There are several questions about this VISA but i cannot find the detailed information from Internet. Can anyone help ?



1. Can i get the VISA by myself, or do i have to join any tour to Myeik Archipelago and get the VISA by agency?

2. Which document is needed for the VISA application? (e.g., 10 USD, Photo, ...)

3. Where to apply for the VISA? Some mentioned "Immigration counter at the Saaphan Pla pier" 

4. When we come back to Ranong from Kawthaung, is there okay to apply for "visa-on-arrival" at "Immigration counter at the Saaphan Pla?

(I am using Taiwanese passport and there is no visa-free for me)


Thanks in advance!!


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I believe best way for you is to get an e-visa for Myanmar.
I was there last week. I visited 3 Myanmar islands (Horse shoe, Cockburn and Nyuang Oo Phee island).
For me, it is bit different because I am working in Myanmar and I already have a Myanmar visa ( business 1 year Multiple entry) and also live in Thailand (Phuket) with Non O multiple entry.
What I did last week was driving my own car from Phuket to Ranong where I booked an hotel for few days.
From Ranong, I used a tour company called "Love Andaman" who are operating daytrip to these islands from Ranong.
From Ranong Pier, you pass the Thai immigration and get your exit stamp. Then the boat stop to Kawthong for Myanmar immigration where you get entry stamp. Then you go to the islands. On the way back, same: stop in Kawthong for exit stamp then Ranong pier for immigration for entry stamp.
I was the only foreigner on these trips. Only Thai (which can get temp border pass with their ID card).
When I enquire Love Andaman for these trip, they first told me that I need to apply for a Myanmar e-visa but when they saw my business visa, it was ok.
While I was there, I was told that at the moment, except private boats, only 2 travel company are operationg these islands: Love Andaman from Ranong and Gran Andaman from Kawthong. In both case, you need a Myanmar visa (e-visa if you are tourist).
As I have been working in Yangon for several years, I thought it was the opportunity to visit these islands while I was in Myanmar. However, I found out that travelling from Myek or Kawthong from Yangon is complicate (either by road which take very long time, or by plane which is expensive), it was cheaper and easier for me to do it from Ranong.
As for your other question to get re-entry in Ranong, I don't know about that as I have a Thai multiple entry visa.
These islands are amazing to see.

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