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BANGKOK 20 May 2019 05:36

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OK, I have a challenge for the great people here.


I am trying to find out the following 


1. is no fail a government policy or just the way things are done to make money

2.  If it is a policy when was it created

3. What was or is the reason besides the obvious save face or mommy-daddy paid for it.  The government can not say that in a decree or policy paper


I have looked all over the net and can not find anything so I am turning to you geniuses here for assistance.


Yes I am trying to write a book LOL

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1: It’s an unwritten law by the MoE, very similar to the “no questions allowed” policy, plus the usual way to make money. The three Chinese monkey policy…..


2.: No idea, but it’s been like that for ages.


3: It’s the face-saving issue and not blaming the teachers for not doing a proper job. We were told that we could fail students, but it backfired. All the students who received no grade came to see us, we then had to “re-test” them and give them at least grade one.

That even included students who never came to their lessons.


Another disgusting fact is the “ghost student”, who's basically in your class but only on paper. (They’re in the class lists and in Bookmark, the student evaluation program). Some seem to go through six years of high school education without even studying.

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