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Connect your business with expats regional specific or right across Thailand

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Dear Business,


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By way of introduction I am Ash the Group sales manager for Thaivisa.com, the biggest media for expats living in Thailand. If you are looking to penetrate the expat market along with a considerable portion of tourists we may have the advertising solution for you.


Thai Visa now attracts 2.5 Million hits per month with 993,000 users


  • 5.5 million page views
  • 33% of our total traffic is female, previously was just 16%
  • Nearly 60% of our traffic is organic
  • Thaivisa is a Google Authority site, meaning any content uploaded is instantly indexed
  • 60% of our audience is aged between 24 -44
  • 60 % expat
  • 40 % abroad
  • Target specific regions via our Regional forums


Options available


300x250  fixed forum/ CPM banners


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Newsletter advertorials


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Pinned forum posts


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Contact ash@choicegroupasia.com to arrange a meeting to discuss the opportunity in more detail.


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