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BANGKOK 26 May 2019 17:20

still people burning

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1 hour ago, elcaro said:

I have some respect and understanding for the profit farmers. What really grinds my gears is the people that are burning the sides of the road and the piles of slow smoking leaves in their garden.


I'm going to try and have a drink and a friendly talk with my neighbour next week. My kid will be born shortly and I really need it to stop.


I got the MIL and one neighbour to stop burning the trash which feels like a big win. Let's hope I can keep it going for my son's sake.



With my extremely limited ability with Thai  and no translator (wife) Its not the easiest thing to talk to the neighbours about burning. But two totally  different attitude about burning. On one side will  random and haphazardly burn all  plastic garbage green  leaves etc and all it does is smoke all day or evening long. On the other side of me often burns the same amounts  and same materials but saves it up until the leaves are dry and he has enough to burn a very hot quick fire with minimal smoke. I have volunteered old news papers and cardboard to help the former fire burn hotter but all to no avail and been  told by the later neighbour that that is the way she has always done it so no changing her. Which lot of the time is the problem some are right up on there game an try to mitigate the worst of it as possible and other just don't give a stuff. I find it quite frustrating especially when she forgets to burn on the other side of her house and not under my bedroom windows. But she an old gal so I can and don't let it get to me too much. But given a better way they will and do adapt to a better solution  eventually when It becomes their idea. 555.

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2 hours ago, elcaro said:

I have some respect and understanding for the profit farmers .....

I hope your newborn will see it the same as you ...


strange, you have some respect for people who to

so much harm to everybody's health ...




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I re-learned the hard way today what had been drummed into me since I was a kid, always be prepared for fires when you live in a dry area.
I wont go into details but a pile of bamboo that had been cut last year and stacked near the fence burst into flames with a machine gun like roar, I rushed out only to find the best hose was between the fire and the fence.
It ended well but we could have easily lost several out buildings if the neighbours had not arrived in force.
No idea what sparked it, a cigarette over the fence maybe or just a floating ember from the neighbours.

All it takes is a small shard of glass and some reflection from the sun !
I hope all is well,hopefully rain on monday

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