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BANGKOK 21 May 2019 03:28

DTAC KongKraPan Package Validity Question

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For reasons known only to herself, my wife changed her main DTAC pre-paid package on her phone sim (18 months old).

Cost was 30 baht.

She did this online a few days ago on the mydtac website. She reckoned sms was a bit cheaper.

Previously it was just a basic pre-paid sim/package calls/sms (never uses her phone for internet).


This is the new package >

Current main package
KongKraPan 0.99Baht/min ExcludingVAT

Plan 1 - KongKraPan 0.99Baht/min_ExcludingVAT  

Start 1 May 2019


Ok so it worked fine so I went to check it online & to increase the validity to 365 days (it was about 320 days before).

This is when I noticed the validity was displayed in big blue words - 42 Days?  I assumed she had somehow lost the 

previous validity ............


The system would not allow any validity increase. I then tried a few times using (*113*30*9# for 30 days extension).  ..... it refused

every time saying "Request failed exceeds max validity" 


Now, day by day the displayed validity is dropping from the starting 42 days but I still cannot increase this no matter what I try?


Maybe it's something really simple but I've never come across this before - please can anybody shed any light on this?


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Can you provide a link to this plan?


I've searched high and low, can't find anything even on Thai social media.


Does the expiry ever drop below 42 days? It could be that this plan has a rolling 6-week expiry based on activity? I have a vague recollection of similar rolling expiry plans from ages ago.


The obvious solution would be to have your wife ring DTAC at 1678 or drop them an email at callcenter@dtac.co.th



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