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BANGKOK 20 May 2019 05:58

Hospital/Clinic for testing Std/Sti

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Long story short I was doing it with a happy massage lady and the condom broke. Now I'm sick with worry, where can I go for a full Std/Sti test screening? (Here in Ubon Ratchathani)


Thank you for your attention.

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In the early days of my relationship with the lady who is now my wife of ten years I wanted to have a surreptitious STD check myself and did enquire of an Ubon falang mate. He gave me an oral description of the Ubon public STD clinic and I nailed it down as the place ID'd below via Google Earth and the internet. I never checked it out myself other than to note the building existed and looked like some kind of public clinic in a regular drive by - I also re-described it to my mate, who confirmed that was the place.


Reason for not pursuing in Ubon? I got myself tested free on the UK NHS on my next family visit. I was cleared, but not before bloody Bradford STD centre left me hanging over a whole UK bank holiday weekend with the impression I was HIV positive. That was no fun and got somebody more-than-reprimanded when I reported their procedural breach back to management. [Had to go back for an HIV test sole, later than the usual run of STDs. They said they would call, only if there was an issue. They called late one bank holiday Friday with me being incommunicado on a beach. I called back in panic an hour later. 'The office is now closed - please call back on Tuesday morning'. On Tuesday they were dismayed - it was only some administrative/procedural issue and recognised immediately the impact of their gaff]. 


My sleuth info of 10 years ago - updated by rechecking Google today


http://www.adamslove.org/thailand/en-d.php?id=391 describes the clinic (" 'Tha Wanghin' Community Health Centre, Sappasitthiprasong Hospital, Ubonratchathani Province ") and gives some information - it's the same webpage that I looked at 10+ years ago. Must be the right place if our brothers who like brothers use it!


Location: although it's linked to the big public Sappasitthiprasong hospital (aka Saphasit Hospital) on Saphasit Rd a couple of blocks south of the airport, this clinic is separately located further west along Saphasit Rd, just west of its junction with Chawalanok Rd. See Google Earth street view and Google Maps pinned map below. The GM pin has information behind it that curiously shows a dilapidated version of the building, but one of two comments seems to confirm it is current - a comment reportedly* a month ago states "Increased ease of treatment. No need to go to the hospital. Medical staff is very attentive to service".


I can ask around amongst a bunch of Ubon mates, including some broad-minded/street-wise Thai ladies if you can wait until after the weekend of May 11th (I'm in Tokyo at the mo) and if you pm me a request (or respond here). Hope the info helps, but accept that it is clearly not corroborated at this point. If you speak some Thai or have someone who can help you then no harm in popping along and having a look at relevant times to see who is going in and out or to go in and ask. Otherwise I myself would go into Ubonrak private hospital, where they do speak English at reception or will wheel someone out, and ask; that'll be a few thou baht there no doubt if they offer it and the Sapphasit clinic is likely to be peanuts.



* I say 'reportedly' a month ago because I am pretty sure I read the same comment those many years ago! I wonder if Google auto-refreshes its reviews to make them seem more current if there is no current review - wouldn't put it past any IT corporate to do that sort of stuff these days


if the images i have just printscreened onto here don't work i'll post again with lower rez pictues




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Too late for PEP  now has to be taken within 72 hours of possible exposure


Factors that can increase the risk of HIV infection and you are a potential candidate for PEP due to:

  • The partner is known to be HIV positive AND is not on treatment.
  • Anal sex with penetration without condom
  • Vaginal sex without condom
  • Condom break
  • Presence of blood
  • Presence of cuts or ulcers
  • You are not circumcised
  • You have been exposed to potentially HIV infected body fluids
  • Your exposure was less then 72 hours ago
  • Partner of unknown HIV status who belong to higher risk HIV group (e.g. MSM or from africa or S.E.Asia)
  • They penetrated you (Their penis, your arse) AND you don't know for sure whether they have HIV or not.

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I am surprised how few men seem to know about PEP


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