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Rayong: Hairdressing babe to dye for! But there's no hanky-panky with Nong Sai


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1 hour ago, BritManToo said:

I bought  some electric hair clippers in BigC 5 years back @ 240bht.

Not that's value for money.


Back to OP, I thought she looked nice but wouldn't pay her more than 50bht for a haircut.

Tight? 🙂

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56 minutes ago, Lacessit said:

Very nice-looking. However, there are many just as beautiful in Thailand, so I suppose it was a slow day for news.

But not with a mountain view like that. Rest is mostly flat plains.

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14 hours ago, jaiyen said:

Nothing stunning about her !  Standards must be going downhill fast.

I'd still climb over you dressed in your best suit to get to her.. for a hair cut!

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I have had my hair cut several times in Pattaya and found many of the ladies quite pleasant to look at.  Many of the foot and oil massage places have a little room with a barber's chair and do hair for both men and women.

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On 5/7/2019 at 5:21 PM, OneEyedPie said:

Why this is news, God only knows.  My wife is far more attractive.

Thats completely correct, !!😎😎😎

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