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Water Only Fasting...Should you do it / How should you do it.


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To all those who think they know it all;  water fasting is about fasting on food, Not water.


I just finished a 7 week fast, and I was by no means overweight, but am now rail thin. Whether good or not I don't know, but it was easy.

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“Water Only Fasting…Should you do it / How should you do it?”


Sure, if you want to try it, why not.  The how is easy, as all you have to do is stop eating for a period of time and only drink water.


It is very simple and it doesn’t take twenty years of study and a bunch of click-bait terminology or self-aggrandizing proselytizing to see if it works for you.  You are not superhuman if you do it and you are not a failure if you can't stick with it for more than a few hour.  


I am quite certain none of us are qualified to determine the efficacy of all the studies and claims posted online, including the summaries of studies posted by the OP.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with fasting although it might not be suitable for some people with certain medical conditions - always worthwhile to check with your doctor. That said, for many people, unless your body will allow you exercise a huge amount without injury, losing weight beyond a certain limit may be almost impossible without fasting.


Fasting does not have to be for days, however. And again, that might not suit certain people given their physiology. A lot can be achieved with short fasting of 24 hours or even less.


Longer fasting is very difficult to do. Getting started can be terrible for some people too. It is not for everyone. While everyone will tell you that it is what our ancestors did, the truth is that they did not do it voluntarily! And while some cultures/religions incorporate fasting, during fasting times everyone knows about it and life and society is adjusted accordingly. 

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My doctor from years ago would fast for a complete day, water only as needed. He claimed it did eliminate toxins from the body.

Mind you, he was also partial to a glass or two of red wine.

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Thanks for the post.  I actually started my first 3 day fast this morning - California time and found your message encouraging to me to complete the fast.   I can’t talk the science.  Not enough has sunk in yet. I’m not interested in losing weight, but in the effects of autuphagy. Last week I finished watching pieces of the Fasting Transformation Summit, a 7 part docuseries that came into my email because of other things I’ve watched. You may find this useful but I’m not sure how much of it is still accessible for free. 

The only fast I’ve done before was a 30 day, 3liters/day, green juice fast, on the advice of an American doctor in Bkk.  Totally eliminated my tiredness and high blood pressure. 

Perhaps you could answer a question?  If I drink a liter of green juice per day during the water fast does it interfere with autophagy?


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3 hours ago, Bob12345 said:

And what is your educational background that gave you the abilities to wade through the mis-information and half-truths?

Where did you get your PhD in nutritional science and on what subject exactly?


Or are you just a member of a Facebook-group about this subject where everyone is saying "autophagy" (which is about cellular biology, not about health, nutrition, or weight loss) and people blindly follow Jason Fung (a kidney disease doctor with no training or education in nutritional science)? 


I smell the Dunning-Kruger effect very strongly, but really hope you got a PhD in nutritional science and can proof me wrong.

the so called experts nutritionists in Hospitals are so great, they give RICE and MSG SAUCE and allow donut shops and high sugar drinks for profits...


don't you love people who know s.hit about a subject tell you what the science is


science is corrupt and bought by big pharma...scientists give the results the company wants or they will never work again ...


that is the truth


one day, you might find it, see the light


come on, you live in the country with the most brainwashed people after north-korea



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8 hours ago, Nyezhov said:

we are all gonna die, whether we like it or not and wheter we try to avoid it or not.


So I am dying on 7 days a week of food, with maybe a prime rib here and there

Yes, we are all gonna die someday.  I, however, prefer to have a healthy and productive life until that day, not be dealing with debilitating diseases like obesity, Diabetes type-2, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s.


Taking the time to understand that such diseases are metabolic-based isn’t too much of a price to pay.  


Whether you realize it or not there has been a paradyme shift recently in our understanding of nutrition.  You can either embrace those changes, or just stick your head in the sand and ignore them....your choice.

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5 hours ago, dotpoom said:

I come from a country where "Hunger Strikes" by prisoners are a true and tried and traditional method of achieving a certain result. I never heard of them doing any good for a person's body.

PS. They were made to drink water to keep them from dying.

Again, “water fasting” is a fast in which you only drink water💦  and do not eat food.  OK?


Furthermore, if you are not aware of the scientifically proven health benefits of periodic fasting and keto-adaptation, you have not done very much reading on the subject.


There is a huge amount of science-based information on the internet.  Try googling it.

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5 hours ago, orang37 said:

The passionate proselytizing of one's own "physical practices" ... most often involving unusual self-discipline, even asceticism ... by those without (visible) medical and scientific credentials as ... barely camouflaged panaceas ... restorative elixirs ... etc.


Occurs frequently on these forums; such hosanna's of personal triumph over aging and various complaints most often contain a thinly veiled implication that: "since it worked for me, it will work for you."


I find them interesting; I also see them, on one level as manifestations of what I have come to call "Farang Grandiosity Syndrome" (FGS).


I find I respect the fact that WaveHunter has worked out his own system of health optimization, and, I don't doubt it has improved the quality of his life.


The problem I have is that these personal recipes don't take into account genetic/metabolic variation, and the unique context/history of the individual.


This human body I inhabit has a remarkable ability to resist cold, to swim happily in water that would turn most people blue ... probably genetic. An ice-bath that would leave me in a state of ecstasy would probably kill other people.


imho, rigorous research (long-term, control group) on the whole "keto" thing is not there yet.


... to your health ... mens sana in corpore sano ...




This is really a very silly interpretation of my opening post.  I am not advocating that anyone follow my “personal” regimen, and have not even described one.


I am saying that a paradigm shift has taken place recently in our understanding of things like obesity, Diabetes type-2, many forms of cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and ALS...and scientific research is strongly leaning towards a metabolic basis for them.


This thread is for people who want to explore the relationship between nutrition and disease.  


Everything I have read (and I’ve been interested in this subject for over twenty years) indicates that the root cause of metabolic syndromes is not simply that we consume too many calories, but rather that we no longer have optimal metabolisms to deal with the food we eat.


Furthermore, science is beginning to prove that one of the major problems is that our metabolisms have become primarily glucose-dominant, and we have lost the ability to efficiently use fats as a primary fuel source. 


Our ancient ancestors didn’t have that problem.  They had to go for long periods of time without food.  They survived because of the body’s remarkable ability to mobilize stored fat through the process of ketosis.


In our modern world, we’ve lost that ability.  We live in a world of supermarkets that are open 24 hours per day, we can store food in refrigerators.  Anytime we have the urge to eat, we can just pop into a fast-food joint and fill our face.  We have turned into a “food grazing” society where we eat from the moment we wake up, until the time we go to bed!


That’s what I’m saying.  How do you equate THAT statement with a “personal” regimen you say I am advocating?  Do you doubt that what I’ve said is true?  The fact that we are in the midst of an obesity epidemic supports what I say.  The fact that, for the first time in history, Duabetes type-2 is now a serious problem in PRE-TEEN children is further evidence of this!


If you look at science-based facts and research, keto adaptation through properly conducted periodic fasting is an efficient way to redefine the metabolic pathways of fat and carbohydrates metabolism and get them back to an optimal state again.


The way our metabolism should work is sort of like how a hybrid gasoline engine works by using either gasoline and electricity,  depending on which one is more efficient for a given circumstance.  


The same is true for our bodies; they should have the capability of running on carbs or fats as PRIMARY fuel sources, with equal efficiency.  


THAT is what keto-adaptation is all about, and IMO, the only legitimate reason to fast is to become keto-adapted again so that are bodies work the way they were intended to.


In short, fasting should not merely be considered to be some wacky fad diet, which is how most people view it.  When properly used to restore the body’s ability to use ketones, the way it was intended to do can do miraculous things...and this is not just me saying it!  Much of the current research in this field is being conducted by well known academic researchers, and even some who have received Nobel Prizes for their research!


Stick your head in the sand if you want to, but I, and many others prefer to be informed, and try to do something in their own lives and the lives of their loved ones to ensure a more productive and fulfilling life.


THAT is why this thread was started; not as a bully  pulpit as you claim, but as a community forum to explore, contribute and “intelligently” debate the topic...not make personal attacks or inflammatory comments.


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Ketogenisis is well described and understood in the literature. I don't argue with your article. 

I am puzzled though why you have failed to mention the ketogenic Diets which seems to me a much more interesting way of living (apart from having to stop beer). Do you perceive any additional benefits from fasting? 

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18 hours ago, FracturedRabbit said:

The clue is in the title "water fasting".  The only think you ingest is water, as much as you like. Black coffee is OK too!

Don't forget you still need minerals in the wet fast especially given the amount of sweating incurred at these temps.

Make sure your H2O has enough or pop a vit-min tablet. 

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3 hours ago, meinphuket said:

I just finished a 7 week fast, and I was by no means overweight, but am now rail thin.  //

7 weeks without food !?? :wacko:

A stupid but efficient way to destroy your body :ohmy:


Is it even possible to do so ?

and did you stop only because they took you to an hospital ?


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