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BANGKOK 24 July 2019 14:02

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Good day,
I would appreciate any advice or suggestions from forum members.
I lived in Thailand for 5 years on a 1 year renewable O-A visa.  After some new arrivals on the street I was subject to abuse and minor assaults for 3 months.  This  culminated in an unprovoked assault, while cleaning a table top on my verandah.  The police were called and I was arrested.  After some months in prison, I was convinced to plead guilty, to a (contrived) attempted arson charge, being told there could be no defence against the police report.  
I received a 2 year suspended sentence and told I was free but, on leaving prison, I was detained by police and sent to a regional IDC and then IDC BKK before being deported.  I was not told or given anything relating to my deportation, other than a stamp in my passport (copy attached).
I would like to return to Thailand to reclaim my belongings which are, apparently, being held by the landlord.  
I have contacted lawyers but, so far, they have been unwilling to assist.  
Can any forum members please advise:
- am I banned or I ‘blacklisted’ from entering Thailand?
- is there any period before I can apply to re-enter Thailand?
- is there any procedure or appeal process to mitigate this issue to allow me to return to Thailand?
Thank you for any useful suggestions.



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18 minutes ago, jackdd said:

Imho the stamp doesn't say anything about a ban. It says he was sentenced to 1 year 8 months jail which is suspended for two years and that you are considered as "Having behavior which would indicated possible danger to the public or likelihood of being a nuisance or constituting any violence to the peace or safety of the public or to the security of the public or to the security of the nation" (12.7 of the immigration act) which is the reason why you were deported.

So unless you have any other stamps in your passport you should be able to enter Thailand again, but in the future any IO at the border might just deny you entry under 12.7. And if you do anything wrong in the next two years you will end up in jail, so you should consider if you want to risk it.


It really doesn't matter very much, he will very, very likely not be admitted.


As suggested by someone else, contact your landlord and ask him to ship your belongings.

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Need a lot more info on this before passing much of an opinion but smells fishy

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According to Mrs p, yes the stamp says the op has a 1yr8m suspended sentence for arson, valid for a period of 2yrs. Quoting rule 12.7 it proceeds to state don't allow entry.

One assumes for the 2yr period.

As others have said, speak to friends and the landlord to arrange forwarding your chattles.

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