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BANGKOK 21 May 2019 04:01
Moorishidol 9

Looking for Grognards in Bkk

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Hello I enjoy computer hex grid wargames.... mainly WW2 like: 


Gary Grigby's War in the West

Gary Grigby's War in the East 

The Operational Art of War 4

Order of Battle 


But when it comes to the top 3 listed I'm still not getting half of what I could from these games I bought on Steam. Keep in mind these kinds of games are not about graphics and COD FPS ...they are more geared to a niche group of players. ….hence grognards…...I am not a grognard but if there are any people here in Bkk who know about these games and could tell me more about them ….I'd be happy to meet you somewhere along Sukumwit  Rd.  at a coffee shop to discuss them. I need help. I have tried Matrix forums but it would be even better to meet or even skype with someone here in BKK. These games are complex.  


Hope there is someone out there


oh incidentally …..I play ps4  MLB 17 the show too...but no helped needed....I have never talked baseball with anyone overseas and that's been awhile too.....yeah and civ 6 ….play that too....

that's all 


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