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BANGKOK 20 May 2019 01:50

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19 pages, 16 of which are expats squabbling as usual. 13 of which are Americans shouting 'get a lawyer!'


What I would recommend is that the OP reports to the Home Office that he's been duped into a fake marriage for visa purposes and she is making threats to ensure she gets ILR. He will get open ears in this as its a common enough scenario and the Home Office is well aware of it. They have even been raiding wedding ceremonies of late. There is a helpline number kicking about although I dont know it.


Essentially this IS what is happening so there's no need for any subterfuge and it circumvents any police/legal/courts nonsense. Make sure you get to the Home Office before she gets to the Police and then she hangs herself by making a false report as you told them she has said she would.


Job done.



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