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Video: Koh Phangan Russian mafia figure arrested after sneaking back in as Romanian with new name


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Video: Koh Phangan Russian mafia figure arrested after sneaking back in as Romanian with new name
Caption: Russian mafia figure arrested. Changed name and came back to Koh Phangan
A Russian - thrown out of Thailand three years ago for mafia activities - was caught sneaking back into Koh Phangan where he was formerly a well known bar owner. 
Since he was deported he had changed his name and nationality but not his face. 
He was picked up in Koh Phangan and taken by speedboat to Koh Samui immigration officers where he faced interrogation. It was a joint operation by the tourist police and Surat Thani immigration. 
A video on YouTube showed some of the aspects of his arrest after he disembarked from a boat wearing a cap. 
He was now using the name Sergiu Milentii, a 33 year old Romanian, according to his new passport on the Onbnews video.
But in reality he is a Russian national called Milintia Sergei (name transliterated from Thai script).
In January 2016 he was blacklisted from Thailand for ten years.
He was the owner of Similan Bar in Had Rin. He hired a hit man to shoot at Palita Lodge nearby and was also charged with offences related to his work and business practices. 
In the meantime he had returned to Europe and changed his name and nationality but not his face, reported Manager. 
They said he had sneaked back into Thailand through the Sungei Kolok immigration post on the Malaysian border and made his way to Koh Phangan. 
He is now in custody and helping the immigration police with their inquiries. 
Source: Manager
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Given the amount of contreversy and media traction both locally and nationally, combined with the involvement of the then haadrin mayor, that the shooting had at the time, he is insane to return, he was remarkably well known before the incident and downright infamous afterward. 


He was on very borrowed time. 


But to rock up on the island on a passenger ferry with the knowledge that they frequently video passengers on disembarking is just idiocy. 


He could have got a few more days if he had popped for a private speedboat. 

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Bulls shit!!!

I know him from childhood, he never was a member of some kind of mafia groups or things like that, all the time he was working hard to obtain some results, it has no sense what it is written about him - I can’t believe what is happening there, now I am sure that is no safe for foreign people to make business in Thailand.  

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On ‎5‎/‎10‎/‎2019 at 2:20 AM, ChipButty said:

Never go back over old ground 

People are often creatures of habit.  There are some well written documentaries and fictional stories about people hiding from the law, on the run, etc.  Make for good reading.  This guy liked the place, missed the place, was familiar with the place.   Now whether any of the original charges are true, or he was just persecuted for being obnoxious, over reacted, or whatever... The point is he just assumed a false identity and traveled with fictitious documents.  The international airline and security agencies should weigh in and hammer him for that.   And the Thai officials I doubt will nor should show him much courtesy after re-entering Thailand illegally and not just by sneaking in, but by false identity, not to mention of course violating the expulsion order

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