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Isan Farang

Running Mains Electric Cable

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16 hours ago, Crossy said:

Well those are going nowhere, but I can't help thinking that walls may have been cheaper.


For sure it may have been cheaper, but for the future i may need to change out one of the tanks and also need to remove the carbon filter to change out the media i think the tarp plan is the way to go as its not a hassle to remove the bolts on any given side and roll up the tarp for easy access.


Next plan is to start building the house around October.


Have also recently completed one other small building with toilet, storeroom & sitting area 




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On 7/1/2020 at 9:18 AM, longball53098 said:

Just an observation on this. Any openings provide a perfect way for birds or other critters to find a way to building new homes for their young,,,,,,,,,

worry  more  about rats/squirrels, put a load of traps  down, I  regularly kill them here as they can chew thru almost anything and often  will. Had them in the lfot once despite the special plastic  inserts to stop birds  squirrels etc, they actually  chewed thru the   half  inch thick cement board to get in. I found 10 baby rats in the loft which my Jaramet fish (red  bellied pacu relative of pirahana with teeth) polished off in about 1  second

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