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Professional Fitness Equipment at Affordable Prices with SEARA Sports

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Professional Fitness Equipment at Affordable Prices with SEARA Sports


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For those people who take their health seriously, it’s a battle between the desire to have the best equipment at an affordable budget.


Even the best home use equipment can cost a fortune let alone thinking about full commercial grade kit. Buying cheap home use equipment, to those who take things more seriously is also not a thought worth entertaining. Cheaper price means lower quality and more chance of something going wrong, however, they are other options…


    •    Many companies use demo machines to show big name gyms the latest model, once these machines have fulfilled their purpose, they are sold off at a cheaper price to get back the original investment. This represents excellent value, although the equipment may not be brand new and straight out of the box, being a commercial grade piece, it will be in excellent condition and under normal home use, will last a hundred years!!


    •    Superseded model. When a new model is released, many companies like to clear out remaining stocks of the old model to make way for the incoming new designs. It may not be the latest and greatest, but it is by no means a bad deal. 


    •    Trade-ins. When big membership clubs update their equipment, they usually trade-in the equipment to get something back on their original investment. Mostly, these machines have been under a service contract and have been well taken care of.  Most equipment suppliers will happily sell these on at more or less the same price they bought it for in order to get it off their hands quickly. These machines rarely have any manufactures warranty left but if purchased through a reputable dealer, you will have after sales service and support just a phone call away.


SEARA is a company that has been in business for 25 years in Thailand and has built a reputation of being a trusted and respected business partner to both the Commercial and Home Use markets. After a successful campaign in 2018 selling many pieces of equipment from their warehouse, SEARA has now commenced work on their Re-Fit Equipment. A dedicated division of the company that renovates, and when required, re-manufactures equipment to as new condition. This all takes place in the 3000sqm warehouse at Bang Plee and delivery is available throughout the country.


Call Andrew direct on 099 197 6622 or email us at  [email protected] to find out more about our range of products.





























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