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BANGKOK 26 May 2019 16:56

Thai man "wanted dead or alive" gives himself up following gun attack on 7-Eleven woman

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I know of many Thai women, who stay single without these, Thai ego guys. I met one who

still lives with her mon, and is very happy to be single. There are some smart women who do live

in Thailand and do not trust the fragile Thai males. Hope the young woman recovers, and the guy

gets his just desserts..


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12 hours ago, simon43 said:


I haven't heard an update on this (do we ever?).  But apparently the bullet entered her mouth and exited through her cheek.  That would suggest minimal injury, (unless she had her mouth closed at the time, in which case a visit to the dentist is needed..).


22 hours ago, webfact said:

The worker at the Huay Prik branch of 7-Eleven was hit in the mouth with the bullet exiting through her cheek. She is recovering in hospital.


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22 hours ago, khaowong1 said:

ha ha ha .. I think it would have been better news story if when he showed up at the police station, someone would have just shot him.  LOL. 


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