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Mandatory health insurance for foreigners aged over 50 in Thailand - why it may not affect you

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So it's as clear as mud

I thought this article was clear and helpful, even if the rules still are not. Thanks! However, a suggestion: should this new requirement for mandatory health insurance ever be extended to apply to

Not yet. It will apply to everyone eventually.  

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Not seeing the rationale here. Surely it's the older retirees that are more likely to need health insurance rather than the many younger expats married to Thai's (who probably already have health cover anyway).

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Says where and said by whom. Will only believe when I see the police order with it clearly written on it.
Wait and see.
I am not a gossip monger..I was told this by someone who is in a position to know things.
The same person told me over 15 MONTHS ago about meetings being set up re healthcare insurance becoming mandatory

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