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Mandatory health insurance for foreigners aged over 50 in Thailand - why it may not affect you

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So it's as clear as mud

I thought this article was clear and helpful, even if the rules still are not. Thanks! However, a suggestion: should this new requirement for mandatory health insurance ever be extended to apply to

Not yet. It will apply to everyone eventually.  

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48 minutes ago, connda said:

and is so full of exclusions for pre-existing conditions as to be fundamentally useless. 

Can see the powers-that-be coming down hard on pre-existing conditions sooner rather than later.


48 minutes ago, connda said:

but it doesn't meet the terms of Thailand's mandated insurance.

Presumably because it doesn't include out-patient cover??

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5 minutes ago, Peterw42 said:

Maybe do some research before making statments that the insurance isnt available

Here is a list of several insurance companies that offer the 400/40 insurance requirements. These companies have been offering this insurance ever since the OX visa was introduced, the OX has the same 400k in/40k out requirements.



See my reply above - and if you already have insurance covering you for $1m plus in patient only what do you do.......


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Very simple


Retired and got 800k in the bank to support yourself and get you home if it goes tits up ?  Visa granted.    Health/accident Insurance up to you but stupid not to have IMO


0ver 50 and either don't have, or don't want 800k in the bank etc ?  Must have proper health/accident insurance for Thailand so Thailand does not have to pay all your bills.


Personally I would rather my paid up taxes went to better causes than patching up and sending home yet another pisshead after his 10th motorbike crash.


That said. All this exposure will turn everyone you meet into an insurance agent with the best deals to offer. Wait and shop around.


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Maybe it should apply to all long term residents over 50 as we are the ones who are most 

likely to need extensive, expensive hospital treatment when things go pear shaped.

The 800,000 Bht required for our extension will not suffice

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