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Mandatory health insurance for foreigners aged over 50 in Thailand - why it may not affect you

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So it's as clear as mud

I thought this article was clear and helpful, even if the rules still are not. Thanks! However, a suggestion: should this new requirement for mandatory health insurance ever be extended to apply to

Not yet. It will apply to everyone eventually.  

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19 minutes ago, pollyog said:

Having just scoured many Thai government websites etc it would appear that an NonO and a NonO-A visa are the same thing if either has been subsequently used to obtain an extension of stay, so all of us long-term farangs must have the health cover for our next renewal as far as I can tell.  

I have the same worry, that there will be some kind of conflation of the two visa types, though I don' think it would happen via the way you are suggesting. The ask for proof of insurance would be happening at the embassies issuing visas and I can't imagine that the embassies would have info from immigration about whether we have used a plain O visa to get an extension of stay. Typically, Thai govt branches don't cooperate much. What seems strange to me is that they don't just ask all long term stayers to get insurance, why the focus on retirees? Seems there would be more money in charging for insurance from people below 50. My guess is that very soon, without missing a beat, they'll just throw the non-O long termers in with the retirees. I suppose it is better to just put all this on the back burner till we get reports back of what is happening to people when applying at embassies. Not too nice to have to go all the way to some embassy not knowing anymore what will be required, but rather Thailand in modus operandi as usual.

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1 hour ago, MikeN said:

And are they equally happy to take the wives and children ? Or do they stay in Thailand ?

That’s when you can just smell nationalistic prejudice in the land of (false) smiles. 


Tough cookie your immediate family has nothing to do with the issue and out humanity to a family unit is non existent. 

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I dont think this is off topic, but maybe you might take it on board. we returned to live in the uk 2016. my Thai wife's  UK visa was all ok, but we had to pay almost £900  (about 38,000 baht) for a 2.5 year UK national health insurance for her. Once she becomes full resident, she will of course have access to full free National health here.  So its not a lot to ask expats to have that security for health. But older ex pats could feel the pinch, if they are too old to get a policy, they could will see the bank money they need go way up.

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2 hours ago, carbon007 said:

I have been here 12 years and this is the first time I realise (have been explained) that a "Retirement" visa (which I have) is not the same as an extension of a "Non-immigrant O-A" visa.

Let us see how long time this distinction will be upheld


There is no extension of a Non-Immigrant O-A Visa. It has to be  renewed in your home country.

Neither is there an extension of the Non-Immigrant O Visa, you can get an extension of stay based on retirement. But the visa remains the visa. The extension doeas not state Visa.

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2 minutes ago, Jingthing said:

Probably the majority of expats here (and many officers as well) say "renew visas" when talking about annual extensions in Thailand.

Which is something nobody should be doing as it just creates confusion. One small thing everyone can do is not to parrot the immigration Thaiglish where extension=visa when in fact extension!=visa.

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Have a NON-O- retirement visa ending 27 June 2019

Will go to immigration for RE-ENTRY PERMIT

Will I need the health insurance here already this time? Or there is not change in requirements here so far?

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