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BANGKOK 20 May 2019 01:57

WARNING to VFS global / visa4uk Visa costumers

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11 hours ago, rasg said:

Exactly. Most would be queuing up to give a bad review if they'd had a visa refused even if they forgot something or didn't submitted a visa correctly. And as we all know VFS has no input into the decision making but for many people that would make no difference and they would give a bad review.

Read the reviews, most have had no decision but experience problems with paying, lost documents, system failure, contradictory emails.


Reading is a great way to educate

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4 hours ago, OJAS said:

I do, however, think that the buck stops with the Home Office when it comes to shambolic UK visa/passport renewal procedures/experiences. They are the piper playing the tune. VFS as their agents are merely dancing to said tune.

yes but their sub-contractors are failing too, 


"Sopra Steria, a French company that was last year awarded a £91m contract by the Home Office to deliver a “streamlined application process” for people applying for visas or settlement from within the UK, has come under fresh scrutiny after around 100 applicants were told their appointments had been cancelled and could not be immediately rescheduled."


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OK. My wife has two visit visas (the 2nd for two year) and her settlement visa. Zero issues and never received a phone call to clarify anything. They sailed through. You applied for a first visit visa for your girlfriend. Refused. We spent a lot time and a total of 30 emails changing your sponsor letter and nothing else. The visa was granted.


Over 95% of visa applications are successful. Hundreds of thousands of people successfully apply for visas for the UK from many countries outside the EEA.


Does VFS have issues? Occasionally yes. Do the successful applicants come on here and tell everybody. Not that many. Do the refusals come on here and whine that they have been refused. Of course they do. But many come on here to ask for help because they have had a visa refused.


Sopra Steria have a new system that will take time to bed in. I've never known a computer project of that size work perfectly from the start and VFS going digital is no exception.

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