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BANGKOK 22 May 2019 10:27
Dave JZ

Thai international sim

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Hi. Would appreciate any help on this...Currently traveling several times a year to Thailand on a tourist visa, and need to be able to access and do occasional banking at my Thai bank. For this I need a sim with a Thai number and one which can receive bank OTP texts outside of Thailand.


I'm currently living mostly in India, traveling in SE Asia and an occasional trip to the states.


Perhaps someone knows of a decent solution.



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That is just about any prepaid SIM. Just make sure that Roaming is activated. You don't need data to receive SMS, so you can simply deactivate data to prevent any accidental  roaming charges.

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Most/any/all Standard SIMs from AIS, DTAC or TrueMove H would work, assuming your phone has a local roaming signal in the whatever country/location you happen to be at the time. All three have significant international roaming partners, and I've had positive experiences with all in the locations you listed save India. Maybe do a bit of research first before locking in on one, given the regional telecomms nature. AIS, for example, lists some 40 plus partners in India.


Just make sure:


 - add value, even better in multiple (twelve individual 10-baht top-ups) increments to extend the expiry to 365 days

 - enable international roaming on the SIM

 - make sure your bank has this number - mine (BBL and SCB) require an in-branch visit in order to change the mobile/SMS contact point details


Obviously, you'll need to add value to cover any charges incurred in Thailand (voice, text, data).


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