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BANGKOK 20 May 2019 01:26

711 android app, do we get discounts even if we do not have All member membership ? or how to apply ?

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Hi, last time when I bought 2 similar items, 711 staff scanned a bar code on their mobile because there was a buy 1 get 1 free offer, so I got one item for free. I tried the app but it's all in Thai, and I am wondering if we need to apply for All member card to get discounts (it seems complicated and is only in Thai), or if anybody using app can get discounts ? If we need to apply, can someone post screenshots and translation as this forum seems to have so many smart people with good knowledge ?


thank you so much

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a review from Play Store:

"Extremely silly to have the app only in Thai when so many foreigners would like to use the app, especially given the ubiquitous presence of 7-Eleven all over Thailand. As a foreigner, you cannot become an All Member either, since registering for it requires a Thai National ID Card number. Very strange to say the least!"



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11 hours ago, kralledr said:

apply for it, i got mine in 5 minutes plus a free hot chocolate ^^


Can you translate what they ask to apply on the mobile app ? thanks.

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