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PM warned not to interfere in Philip Morris court case

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8 hours ago, scorecard said:


Now you're really struggling, keep at it but beware of a seizure.


By the way your off topic, so I'll go off topic too, 'bring on Thanathorn, to stir up many items that urgently need reform and reshaping, new attitudes and more'. But I doubt he needed ironic statements from chalerm. 



Thanathorn is of course someone with a history as well. Apparently he is squarly in the PTP camp. And not surprisingly the junta is trying very hard to abuse the Thai justice system to go after him, just as they went after Yingluck with not even a credible case. 


Keep on dreaming, I can quite clearly see it is not me who is struggling. I can separate facts from fiction, reality from propaganda. 


I know all sides are bad, but it is clear, the lengths the junta are going is something that the other side could only dream they could go. 


In any case, how is this off-topic. We were discussing Charlem warning the dictator. In a normal country, the PM cannot interfere with any court case. That is really all that matters here. 

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