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PM Prayut defends the appointment of senators

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When Thaksin was still PM, the senate wasn't appointed, it was fully elected, maybe just maybe this is an excellent idea, it would silence the critics. Of course your second term would be out of the window, as the Thai electorate has made it clear, you should go. 

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13 hours ago, GarryP said:

Disingenuous to insinuate that because they were royally endorsed, they are good people. Trying to stop all argument by playing that card is wrong in so many ways. And does he realize that by doing so, he is not helping the waning popularity of that particular establishment. He really should learn to <deleted>, unless he has something good to say. But then again, he needs to be careful as his perception of what is good does not often correspond with that of Joe Public.    

Furthermore, by the same argument, the election he prevented by staging a coup was... royally endorsed.....

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