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BANGKOK 26 June 2019 10:38

Only 1 hour stop before connecting flight

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On 5/19/2019 at 3:02 AM, Moonlover said:

I concur with others here regarding short transit times. I've had many a short one when passing thought the middle east, some less than 1 hour and never had a problem. Always had a nervous wait at the carrousel on arrival, hoping that my baggage also made it, but it always has.


If the airline offer your proposed trip on their website as a through booking, which they do, then it will be booked under one booking reference. They have accepted the obligation to get you to your destination, no matter what.


And it makes no difference whether it is booked directly with the airline or via an agent.





Well done buddy finally someone else who knows what they're talking about. See this is the type of subject Thaivisa should clamp down on (and all other forums for that matter) where wildly inaccurate information some of it quite deliberate and financially punitive should be curtailed immediately.

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