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TM30 how much is your condo office charging you for the TM30 application

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A number of condo office is doing the online registration of TM30 for their building tenants or even owners . One of my friends is paying 200B for this 2mn service in Pattaya. My condo is in Bangkok.  

In my condo I have been member of the board for years. I want the office now to apply to be able to make the online application for all foreign tenants and owners. I want it to be charged so that their is a money receipt and that the office is 'motivated'.

So the question is how much are you charged by your condo ?


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My agent does not charge anything. It is a free service she provides to be competitive. 

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My condo in Chiang Mai doesn't charge anything and I know several other condos in Chiang Mai that also file TM 30 forms online for residents and they don't charge, either.  


Our condo had a visit from Immigration when they started to enforce the TM 30 requirement a few years ago and wanted to see the condo's records on all the foreign residents.  That was enough motivate the committee to get the office signed up for online filing.

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