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BANGKOK 16 June 2019 10:20

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1 minute ago, gk10002000 said:

Skip online crap.  Sheeet you can do online back in your home country.  Go see Thailand.  Karon beach on Phuket.  Take ferry over to Ao Nang for a nice quiet scenic place.  You like to reflect?  Take the bus up to Sukhothai the ancient ruins are fantastic to walk around.  A few days in Bangkok for sure.  Some very impressive temples there.  Nothing wrong with relaxing while on vacation.  Heck the thing I like about Pattaya is my biggest decision of the day may be whether to turn right or to turn left when I walk out of the hotel in the morning (or afternoon if I slept in)!   But sitting in the condo online.. don't do that too much.   Nong Nooch, the Dusit zoo in Bangkok, the Kew open zoo north of Pattaya.  You are in the tropics, put on some shorts and a T shirt and have some walk abouts.

ha thanks.  Shieeet a whitey does not have much funds though.  I plan to stay in SE asia for a long time and am waiting on job offers. 


You are right about turning left or right..... 


But am I missing much by not going to go gos?

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34 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

You are about 18 years too late for the gogos.

In the mid 90s before the financial crash and many expats lost their high paying jobs they were legendary.

I lived in Pattaya for a year about 10 years ago, and never bothered. Having a drink in a roadside barbeer on Walking Street was way more fun and cost little.

How were the gogos 18 years ago?  How are they know?



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20 hours ago, DingDongLing said:

Thoughts?Am I doing thailand wrong? 

what is your budget?

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