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BANGKOK 20 May 2019 05:49

TM30 and Residence Certificate for 2 Addresses

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I have 2 different addresses and move irregularly between them.

One is my wife's house - the other is a rented condo

Do I need a TM30 for both? or does doing a TM30 for one cancel the other one?

If the latter, that would be very messy and impossible for wife and landlord to keep going to immigration office every few days.

Even if it can be done online, the condo landlord doesn't know or care where I am - the wife too sometimes

Any advice?


Also, I need to get a Residence Certificate (to buy a car) - what do I need to show as proof of address? as nothing is in my name for house or condo

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I would not worry about doing a TM30 report every time you stayed in a different residence. Immigration would have no way of knowing you were staying at another one.

You could use your wife's house book and ID card with a statement you are staying in her house to apply for a certificate of residency.

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Personally, and I am in a similar situation (involving Bangkok/Div. 1-CW and Samut Prakan, literally a few meters over the BMA line), I would pick one address and use that consistently for any/all interactions with Immigration, including an extension of Stay, a re-entry permit, a TM6, a 90-day report, a TM30, a certificate of residency, et al. I do not report movements between the two domiciles - that would be a full-time job, probably requiring a work permit.


I've been assembling this Certificate of Residency document list (not meant to be 100% accurate for any/all offices):


Photocopy of lease agreement, blue/yellow house book, letter from the landlord
NEW REQUIREMENT: Photocopy of TM.30 form signed by your landlord*
NEW REQUIREMENT: Two 4 cm x 6 cm passport photos (NOT 2 inch x 2 inch)
Actual passport (to confirm authenticity)
Photocopy of the following passport pages: main photo page, visa page, TM.6 departure card (all pages must be signed)
Completed application form of Residence Certificate in Thailand. Blank copies are provided at the office.



You are not listed on your Wife's Yellow Book? 


Do you have a lease for the Condo?


Don't need the details but you should be able to sort something out.


* You may need a TM30 on file prior to getting the certificate of residency, but I'm sure that varies by office.


Very generally speaking it does seem like filing a subsequent TM30, with a different address, over-writes the TM30 address which may have been previously filed.






Application Form for Residence Certificate in Thailand (2).doc

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