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BANGKOK 20 May 2019 05:54
Grin Grasser

Eyeglass shop in Pattaya to recommend ?

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I had a cataract operation on one eye and will probably get an operation on the other eye in a month or two.


In the meantime, my opthamologist (sp?) suggested that I replaced one lens in my corrective eyeglasses (prescription) with a clear plastic lens. 


In Pattaya on 2nd Road, vicinity of The Avenue mall and soi 13, one optical shop wanted 1,000 baht to put in one clear lens and tried to talk me into replacing the other prescription lens to have two matching lens, after I explained that the other eye would be operated on soon.


The price seemed rather high.  And the sales talk on two lenses was off-putting.


Any recommendation on an eyeglass or optical shop in Pattaya, where I can pay a lower price for a clear plastic lens?\


Thanks in advance.

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I suspect your new eye has good distance vision so you should be able to go without glasses until other eye operation unless driving or need to read.  Or just remove the lens that is not required and forget the looks for a couple weeks.  

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Thanks for recommendations on an eyeglass shop.


I thought the 1,000 baht offer for a single clear plastic lens seemed too high, because.  Mr. DIY store sold sunglasses and reading glasses for 40 baht and up, a sidewalk vendor on 2nd Road across from The Avenue mall was selling reading glasses for 100 baht, and a vendor on the ground floor of Tukcom building on Pattaya South Road sold sunglasses and reading glasses for 39 baht.  Maybe I could find a clear lens of approximate shape that I could tape into my eye frame?

I checked for location of First Optical on map.google.com .  Unfortunately, it was in an area that I am not familiar with.  Before trying to find my way there, I thought I give Pattaya Central Road a try.


Going to Big C Extra, I have seen several optical shops on Pattaya Central Road, near 2nd Road.  


I stopped in two optical stores.  One (I cannot recall the name) was on the first optical store on the NW corner of Pattaya Central Road, near 2nd Road.  The male service rep said that for one clear plastic lens the cost would be 600 baht, a better grade of plastic lens cost 1200 baht, and the replacement lens could be placed in my frame in 10 minutes.


The second shop I visited was June Optic.  The lady rep, whose name was June, said that she recommended a clear plastic lens with UV protection for 600 baht, which could be done in 15 minutes.  She said that also available was a non-UV lens for 500 baht.  I selected e UV lens.  The lens was cut and inserted in 10 minutes.  A screw replaced the staple holding an eyepad in place and a cloth wipe for eyeglasses was given to me.  No extra charges.  Highly satisfactory service.


Thanks again for your help.

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