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BANGKOK 20 May 2019 05:41
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Inmate Declares Himself a Disciple of Bachus to Receive Wine with Every Meal

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A Spanish inmate recently invoked the principle of religious freedom in an attempt to convince the prison warden to serve him a glass of wine with every meal so he could worship his chosen deity.


In a letter addressed to the director of Zaballa prison, in Spain’s Basque Country, the unnamed prisoner declares himself a disciple of Bachus, the Roman god of wine, and asks that he be provided with a glass of wine for every meal, so he can properly worship his deity.


Considering that in this detention center food is distributed according to the religious beliefs of each inmate, I request that my religious right be respected as well,” the man wrote in a letter obtained by Publico. “I hereby inform the administration that I am a disciple of the god Bacchus (the god of wine). For this reason I request that I be provided with a glass of wine for my daily meals in order to comply with the norms of my religion. Thanks a lot!”

The man does make a fair point about religious freedom, but his argument doesn’t take into consideration a crucial aspect – alcohol and narcotic consumption is strictly prohibited in Spanish prisons, regardless of inmates religious beliefs.


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