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BANGKOK 21 June 2019 04:59

How to motivate Thais to pay the money back?

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About two weeks ago my long time gf received a phone call at 3am from an extended family member. The police stopped him on the way to work to another province and something was wrong and they only wanted to let him go against cash.

So he called my gf, she asked me, and because I have a good heart I transferred 5,000B to the guy a couple of minutes later.

He promised he will pay it back the next day.

And the next day he promised he will pay it back end of the week.

And then end of the next week.

And now it's the end of the month.


My gf calls him basically every day and everyday she talks nice to him. She is very upset herself about the situation because she promised me that this guy is reliable and sure would pay the money back...


Now, after she was for about two weeks nice to him I asked her about other options. I.e. she should call him and tell him she will ask the rest of the family if they can help him to pay the money back. The idea is to shame him so that he is motivated to pay it back. But my gf thinks that is a bad idea. She tells me with pressure he will never pay it back. And I think without pressure it seems he also does not pay it back.


I don't like 5,000B less in my pocket but it's not a financial problem. But obviously I still want it back.


What is your experience? How did you motivate people to pay money back? Asking nice? Pressure? What worked?


And yes, I know I shouldn't have done it. My gf does not work and I don't really blame her. I said yes and I knew it was my risk.

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