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BANGKOK 21 June 2019 04:50

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I am under the impression that countries want MORE tourists to come and spend money.  Stay as long as possible and help the economy grow.  Does anyone know of any reasons why it keeps getting harder for us over the years?

Does thailand really have a huge number of tourists that overstay and go broke like the following story?


12 hours ago, Dexlowe said:

A couple of years back I started to notice this English guy who hung around the fruit section of Big C Extra. He didn't appear to be shopping, and he was acting kind of furtively. After a few quick glances he would grab a bit of fruit and stuff it in his mouth, then casually walk away. With oranges (his apparent favourite) he would quickly rip them apart, stuff half in his mouth and leave the peels among the fruit tray. For months I used to walk past the orange trays to check for discarded peels to see if he had visited, and sure enough there would be. Used to crack me up. It was out-and-out stealing, but I found it quite amusing. He was also a regular at Friendship, sitting outside shirtless among other regulars and with a bottle of water. I wonder what happened to him?


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1 hour ago, SteveK said:

Hopefully after they have put 800k into a Thai bank account - suddenly seems like a good idea for the Thais, doesn't it?


Maybe. Being poor would appear to be more of a crime in Thailand than eating an orange at Big C.

He ate the orange constantly, daily, for months.  I assumed stores had great security as its only 200 baht a shift

They probably caught him at eventually if he kept coming




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