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BANGKOK 16 July 2019 13:05

Unreliable Utilities

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7 minutes ago, grollies said:

Fuses dropping out of the 3-phase transformers.

Plus maybe these transformers shorting out through inadequate design and/or incompetent installation??

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2 minutes ago, OJAS said:

Maybe cable TV would prove a partial solution at least. I'm not, however, holding my breath for the necessary cables coming our way any time soon. And we would presumably still be stuck with "sun outages"?

Sun outages affect every geosynchronous orbiting satellite  so if a cable company  was providing  a channel sourced from a satellite it would be affected too...no way around it.


You have internet...there are many Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) providers now    I know TRUE,ToT,3BB,AIS etc all have a TV via internet service...no need to wait for a cable company.

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