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BANGKOK 17 June 2019 02:03

For anybody whos intrested /non o, extension, tm30

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Hi all,


Yday was my 87th day on a non-o ME visa here in thailand which i aquired in london.

I have been staying at my wifes place with our 2 kids in sa kaeo since i arrived and did not bother reporting myself as i wasnt aware and had passed the time period they give (24hrs) of arriving to report yourself.

I decided to do a 60day extension at sa kaeo immigration.

The bluebook master is my wifes father and i knew i would need to do a t30 along with the normal extension.


No questions or fines with regards to the t30 as to why my wifes father didnt report me, but they did take quiet a few more copies of whats normally required for the extension.


2 copies of wifes fathers id card

2 copies of wifes father tabian baan (housemaster)

Copy of wifes id

Copy of wifes tabian baan

Copy of marriage cert

Copy of surname change doc which you get when marrying

Copy of arrival card

Copy of my passport

A pic needs to be given along with the app plus they also take a digital pic at immigration

Copy of the non-o visa in my passport



They never asked to see the original marriage doc, id card or tabian baan. We got lucky we took a whole bunch of copies we made with us which had the surname change doc for my wife when we married.


Took over a hour and it was pretty busy compared to the past.


Got the extension and was surprised about no questions or fines in regards to the tm30 reporting even though they have a seperate counter at immigration for it so i was expecting to be fined at the least.


Good experience.


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