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Win 10 1903 upgrade

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5 hours ago, ravip said:

Finally got it back to the default setting, with the gpedit (Group Policy Edit) and regedit (Registry Edit) mentioned in the ghacks article. But, it was not a very straight forward procedure. Had to try a couple of times.


Yeap, ditto for me on both my laptops when I was playing around with this issue.   Seems after making some changes in the registry or group policy areas it was like there sometimes there was a delay of 30 seconds or more in the change really taking affect although looking in the registry/policy areas the change was already showing....and sometimes it took a restart for change to occur....or opening and closing Windows Update a couple of times.   



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Below MS webpage lists known issues/bugs with the just released to public 1903.  I'll give MS another month to fix more of the bugs.  With these major semi-annual upgrades I prefer to wait for approx

... yes, klick the 'View' tab top left corner in file explorer, then open 'Group by' dropdown menu and choose (None) ...       

Yeap...it happened on both my laptops running the Pro version.   By using instructions of that ghacks webpage in post #32 you can get the two settings back....which I did a couple of times while playi

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I found solution for my disastrous  features' upgrade win 10 , to block that upgrade installing in my Home version , it defers the update with no time limit , other Win.10 things to block also possible , security updates can be installed automatic or by choice , is it a free software tool , use carefully as it change windows settings , I only blocked that upgrade as my option 





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My laptop is still on 1809, and I found this rather curious-sounding message about the 1903 feature update in my Windows Update folder when I logged on today:-


The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is on its way. We're offering this update to compatible devices, but your device isn't quite ready for it. Once your device is ready, you'll see the update available on this page. There's nothing you need to do at this time.


Wondering what needs to be done - and how long this will take - in order to make my laptop ready for this particular feature update. 

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The 2019-06 Cumulative Update and an associated 2019-06 Security Update for Adobe Flash and 2019-06 .NET Framework for 3.5 and 4.8 installed OK on my two Lenovo laptops.


The issue with the disappearing Features and Quality Updates on the "Pro" version was not addressed in the updates according to below askwoody crossfeed.  I took the crossfeed as gospel as I didn't test for myself since I have the settings back to zero days and showing....will leave alone until MS fixes or explains what is going on....to date MS has been totally silent on this particular issue.



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The disappearing Feature and Quality Update delay setting in Win 10 "Pro" has been fixed.  Apparently fixed with the release of KB4522355 in late Oct 2019.  Tonight I confirmed on my two laptops running the Pro version and which has aforementioned KB installed that the Feature and Quality delay settings are now working properly--that is, they don't disappear/grey-out once you crank in a delay of X-days.  


Apparently MS never admitted the problem ever existed nor stated it was fixed by the Oct KB release.  Probably because they haven't taken so much heat over their methods of pushing Win 10 updates and off and on problems with the Windows Update function.  See below weblink for more info.



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