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BANGKOK 19 June 2019 06:51

Attack on ambulance: Two charged with damaging vehicle and terrifying driver

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Two charged with damaging vehicle and terrifying driver

By The Nation




Two men were on Thursday charged with attacking a volunteer ambulance in Phuket.


Sagib Yomyai, 22, and Sutthi Sripoon, 29, both from Trang province, were arrested at a rented house in Tambon Wichit, Muang district, with an array of incriminating evidence that included a pistol, two bullets, a knife and an axe. 




They were then taken for questioning in front of Phuket police chief Pol Maj General Wisan Panmanee. 


The men were charged by police with damaging, or rendering useless, property belonged 


 to another person, threatening another person and illegal possession of a gun. The charges followed an attack on the ambulance with a knife and an axe as it was driving on Chalerm Phrakiat King Rama 9 road in Muang district on May 20.




The ambulance driver, Detnarong Songsang, 41, who is a lawyer by profession, told Wichit Police that the two men were on a Honda Wave motorcycle that chased after him after he beeped his horn at them for dangerously changing lanes near Siriroj Hospital at around 5pm on Wednesday. 




One of the men threw an object at the back of the ambulance and then tried several times to use a knife to pierce the ambulance’s hood cover. They kept up the chase and then attacked the rear again, this time with an axe.


Detnarong accelerated to escape and luckily for him, the men spotted police on the road ahead, so they gave up the pursuit, whereupon he went straight to the police station to report the incident. 




Damage estimated at Bt50,000 was caused to the back windshield of the ambulance, its two side windows and the hood cover.


As police were still hunting the suspects, Detnarong posted a four-minute video clip and photo on to his Facebook account to help spread the news. 


When he was asked why he didn’t just drive them off the road, Detnarong said he was trained to save people and it was inappropriate to use an ambulance to cause harm.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30369914



-- © Copyright The Nation 2019-05-24

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I am against conscription into the Armed Forces, but, I think a few years hard labour in the Army may just teach these low life's how to behave in a civilized society.

One thing is for sure, and that is the garden of their house would not get any worse for the neglect while they are away !!!

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What you see in the video is that the ambulance was treated fairly dangerously!

The lawyer (driver) has probably studied the tricks of the trade in the US, which is the best way to get clients.

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6 hours ago, webfact said:

When he was asked why he didn’t just drive them off the road

It's amazing such a question was even asked.

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