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BANGKOK 26 June 2019 08:38

Need a builder/Designer/ in the Ubon Ratchathani area?

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Based on what I do, Interior and exterior contracting. I recommend Lifestyle Builder services  after seeing quality work that they do. Co owner is farang so Communication would be easy for all farangs to get started. more information and details about lifestyle builder via PM.

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Just for your info from my part as well as i know the Head designer, he is Thai and have last 25yrs done designs in Bkk and Ubon
and he is Fluent in English and have done many thing's inside BITEC as well in Bkk as well and currently they are constructing houses in Sisaket, Yaso and few more is one the way as far i have heard...

Also what happen to many "farangs" is that they need to get translated for many issues and in this case all goes in English and he do lot of changes what ever customer want to build he will make 3d drawing's and all are designed and approved before any construction will start

He also told me that they range is 200km radius from ubon town.

as far i have seen this is currently on construction and they are actually reply really ok when contacted via they FB page https://www.facebook.com/fiberoptichouse


Also all his workers are construction workers and they do build houses all the time and not happen like so many who living in this area as during rice planting time workers are busy with it and house construction will delay those times..they do build from start to finish with out stop.

Almost forgot they do reconstruction as well, if have old house and want to get something done in there,, they will do it after they will come and look around first.


All Design & Quotations are in ENGLISH.





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